The Herbaliser (Jake Wherry) feat. MysDiggi 

United Kingdom

    Boomers feat. Zoomers

    British trailblazers The Herbaliser are known innovators in the world of modern music. From the start they tried to do something different, at a time when most musicians using samplers simply used loops, The Herbaliser were among the first to develop a technique of cutting and splicing their samples into tiny pieces, which allowed them to be more creative and versatile.
    While Herbalisers were busy conquering the world, MysDiggi appeared at London’s West. Prodigal MC swiftly gained a reputation as one of the most exciting vocal talents in the UK. Boom! And they’re friends. Boom Boom! And they’ve teamed up on the anniversary stage of Kaliningrad City Jazz.

    August 29, New stage
    Performance time to be announced.