Igor Butman 


    The Best of Butman

    He graduated from the famous Berkeley as a saxophonist and composer. Then, became the first Russian jazz musician to release his album on Universal Music Russia. His part in concerts and recordings of Popular Mechanics by Sergey Kurekhin, as well as the Kino and Aquarium bands, has already been inscribed in the history of the country’s musical culture. Bill Clinton wrote about him in his book «My Life»: «In the finale on the stage, plunged into darkness, played my favorite of the living jazz tenor saxophonists – Igor Butman. John Podesta, who loved jazz no less than I did, admitted that he had never heard the best live performance …».
    There is no shortage of delightful quotes about Igor Butman, so his participation in The Best program of the «Kaliningrad City Jazz» festival is a particular joy.

    August 28, Cathedral stage
    Performance time to be announced