Heavenly Funk`n`stein

    Funk`n`stein is a magnificent eight of World-class musicians and Israeli Numero Uno Funk group.

    Funk`n`stein – contenders for your hearts and applause.

    Bright and sonorous – they took to the stage of our festival seven years ago and their performance fondly remembered to this day: funky guitars, the shine of copper wind instruments, groovy rhythm sections.
    «So tasty it can make you lick your fingers …», – Funk`n`steins said about their music. And they are damn right: on Saturday, August 29, on the Main stage of the anniversary festival – handsome and spicy Israelis Funk`n`stein. Just remember to wash your hands before this delicious treat.

    August 29, 2020, Main stage
    Performance time to be announced