Visiting the festival «Kaliningrad City Jazz»

Visiting the festival «Kaliningrad City Jazz»

The organizers reserve the right to conduct personal security searches of visitors.

Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to enter the festival territory and the ticket price is not reimbursed.

Face control and dress control are available on the territory of the festival.

In case of unauthorized access to the stage area, technical rooms, technical areas, backstage area, as well as if your ticket does not give you the right to access the VIP zone, the security service has the right to take you outside the event territory without compensation for the ticket price.

The organizers reserve the right to publicly use any photo and video materials with the participation of visitors for informational purposes without additional approval.

If you need help moving people with disabilities to the festival’s concert venues, please contact the festival’s organizing Committee

The festival is prohibited:

—  negative, aggressive mood. In the case of aggressive actions towards other attendees, as well as for disobedience and resisting security personnel and law enforcement officials, you are forced to leave the territory of the event without a refund;

— use of professional audio and video equipment (except for accredited media representatives);

— all types of weapons, pyrotechnics, drugs and other substances that are dangerous to human life and health;

—  entrance with animals;

—  don’t bring any drinks or food to the festival site. There are enough food outlets in the festival town;

— It is strictly forbidden to distribute, including free of charge, any information media, Handicrafts, advertising and information products, as well as any campaigning and advertising activities without the consent of the festival organizers;

​The rules may seem strict, but they are strictly for your safety. Remember that the organizing Committee is ready to help you if necessary. If you have any questions related to the festival, you can contact the organizing Committee headquarters located in the festival town.


We ask all participants and visitors to observe ethical behavior at the festival:

— with respect to the visitors of the festival;

— treat the festival’s service staff, security staff, and other service personnel with respect;

— understand the need to pass inspection procedures at the entrances of the festival. This is done in the interests of your own safety;

—  don’t break the rules of behavior;

— evaluate your options when consuming alcoholic beverages;

—  keep festival venues clean: don’t litter, leave clean toilets after visiting;

—  if you find unattended items and suspicious items, do not touch them, contact the security staff or organizers;

—  inform the nearest security officer or the festival headquarters about any cases of crime, suspicious persons or aggressive groups of citizens, or small children left unattended;

— you and the people around you have come to the holiday to relax. Do not spoil your rest and the rest of others with unworthy behavior.

To make you feel comfortable, the festival organizers RECOMMEND taking raincoats, waterproof shoes, repellents, warm clothing for the evening, hats and sunscreen.

Remember, the organizers do not take responsibility for the safety of motor and bicycle transport, as well as your personal belongings left unattended. Please use reasonable care with your personal property.

By attending the festival, you automatically accept these rules. Thank you for your understanding!


The ticket price includes: the right to enter the territory of the festival, equipped with sanitary facilities, food outlets and souvenir sales; place according to the ticket category.

Attention! Lost tickets are not restored.

The ticket gives you the right to enter the event once. If you need to leave the festival area for a short time, take an identification bracelet at the exit. Re-entry to the festival is only possible if you present a ticket with a torn control spine and your bracelet.

Festival organizers are not responsible for fake tickets. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the ticket you purchased, please contact the event organizers for verification.