Kaliningrad City Jazz presented new dates for the anniversary festival

On Friday, September 4, a concert was held on the Cathedral Square of the Kant Island. This one became a presentation of the new dates and program of the 15th International music festival Kaliningrad City Jazz. It was gratitude to the fans of the main musical event of Kaliningrad’s Summer as well. The 15th International […]

Mario Biondi will perform on the closing day of the Kaliningrad City Jazz festival

The world-famous Italian singer Mario Biondi will take part in the concert program of the 15th anniversary Kaliningrad City Jazz festival. He will perform on the main stage on August 30th. Mario Biondi is the embodiment of «The Best» program of the anniversary festival. He rose to the stage of the eighth «Kaliningrad City Jazz» […]

Tesla Boy will take part in the Kaliningrad City Jazz festival

Russian Electropop band Tesla Boy will perform on the new stage of the anniversary festival Kaliningrad City Jazz on August 30. This is one more member of the music program who will perform on the Hip hop/Electronica stage. The signature sound of the most influential New wave band in Russia is easy to guess. It’s […]